Some people are so full of themselves . . .

I am very active on an online mom’s club. I have been an administrator on that site for a few years.

Yesterday, a member I have never even heard of posted a rude comment. It was reported to us, and I removed the post and sent a message to the member that we don’t want comments like that on the board. She said I removed the post because I was racist!!!!! :/ I told her that I was just the messenger, but she went on about the deeds you do will come back to you, good or bad. It blew up from there. She posted “For instance, when we go on our Thanksgiving feed the homeless outing this year I will feed more white women because of the racism a white women has shown me just to show the enemy you have no power over me.” FOR REMOVING A FLIPPIN’ POST!!!! What a moron . . .

I had to step away from the computer. Seriously . . . racially motivated?? THIS is why we still have hate . . . not from the “white women.” Only an idiot could turn this situation into a racially motivated move.

Can’t we all just get along???????


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