Woe is me . . .

This is a silly feeling sorry for myself vent . . . so stop now if you don’t want to listen to someone over the age of 7 whining!!!

I HATE having Celiac disease. This is the first holiday I have had to deal with it. I can do a ham, turkey, cranberry, sweet potatoes . . . but I have to figure out how to make:

My FAVORITE . . . green bean casserole without the fried onions in a can (the BEST) and cream of mushroom soup (easily adapted, but I don’t know how it will taste compared to the canned stuff because I don’t have my gluten free flour knowledge down yet.).

Dressing . . . I have the BEST gluten free cornbread mix . . . and some gluten free bread. So I’m going to wing it.

Forget about any dinner rolls. Nice yeasty dinner rolls do not exist in the gluten free world. There are some similar . . . but you never get those soft, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth rolls again.

Desserts . . . I can’t find gluten free vanilla wafers (for my grandma’s banana pudding) for the life of me. I want to make a pecan pie, too, but I have to figure out (or find) a gluten free pie crust recipe.

Nothing is easy. I just want to grab a ready made shell or nilla wafers in a box and make it like normal. I don’t want to have to spend all the time cooking vanilla wafers. Then making the pudding . . . when I have a ton of other things to worry about including five kids!!!

I know this is a silly vent, but you really take for granted these gluten filled short cuts. And I’m not looking for year-round short cuts for everything. I enjoy cooking . . . but sometimes, like a holiday, when you are pressed for time, some shortcuts are nice.

Oh, and those things that are gluten free, easily twice the price of it’s gluten filled counterpart. Sucks . . .

And my family has to suffer through this with me because I prefer the house be as gluten free as possible!!!

Thanks for listening. Here’s a gluten free cookie . . . yes, it probably tastes like crap . . . sorry!!!


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