17 Days Until Christmas!!!

I am so excited!!! This is my littlest boy’s first Christmas. The twins are 2, but this is the first one they will really be old enough to look forward to and enjoy.

And besides one last minute gift for my youngest, we are all done with shopping!!!

I have to share one of my favorite gifts for my oldest boy, Ethan. He has been asking (aka begging!) for a Kindle Fire. He is a big reader. His favorites are Rick Riordan and the Percy Jackson (and beyond) series. He will finish those 400+ page books in a week!!! We decided to take the cheap route and give him my old Nook (that I don’t use) and a nice gift card to B&N for books. When I tried to power it up, it didn’t work. Thankfully we bought the extended warranty. They gave us $150 in credit for anything in the store . . . and the Kindle Fires were $159!!! So for $9 (plus the additional warranty!!!), my son will be getting a Kindle Fire. He is going to be so very excited. I’m not so excited that he will have such easy access to games. Hopefully he spends more time reading and less time playing!!!

So, to give it to him, I wanted to do something fun (though I haven’t finished it!). We are giving my daughter his old Nintendo DSi, and I did the same packaging idea. So pics are of hers . . .

Thanks to Pinterest, I made a hollow book out of this Sarah Palin book. I put the DSi inside the book, in a box, and wrapped it. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens the gift to think we bought her a Sarah Palin book!!! The Kindle will be in a John McCain book (they had to match!!!!). It’s kind of a running joke in the house because Ethan was old enough to understand the elections a little when McCain was running. He asks about McCain still and says how much he likes him (you know, as much as any then 5, now 9 year old can like a politician!!! So for him to be a big reader and curious about McCain, I guess it’s not a far stretch that he would get a nice McCain autobiography for Christmas!!!! Image



It was fun to make though mine isn’t quite as pretty and perfect as the others I have seen. I’m hoping to have the video camera running to catch their confusion . . . hopefully followed by excitement!!!!


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