Reese was diagnosed with plagiocephaly when he was about 5 months old. I had noticed his head was flat in the back on one side, and I brought it up to our pedi. She gave us a referral to a place that does those baby helmets.

I was concerned about this place from the beginning. I think they use scare tactics to make you think there is something wrong with your child. I even asked the pedi, how many people do they turn away and say, “No, your child’s head is perfect?” The pedi told me they have heard of only one, and that family didn’t have any insurance.

So they tell you that your child’s head is shifted. The flat spot on the back means the ears are misaligned. This also causes the eye socket on the flattened side to be pushed forward with a small bump on the forehead. It could cause developmental and learning problems, they tell you. Any parent would fork out the $2200 on the spot after hearing that, right!?!?!

Well, we didn’t. Because Reese was 2 months premature, they go by adjusted age (which I found in research. They didn’t give us that information! They were ready to take our credit card payment and fit him!). The optimal time to get the helmet is by 6 months (because of the head growth is slower once they reach a certain age). Reese was only 3-4 months adjusted. So we still had time. We figured we could just work with how he lays his head and keep him upright more and hope it would fix itself.

Well, I don’t think it’s working. 😦 I guess I will talk to the pedi when we go in next week for his synagis shot. I’m not worried about any developmental issues. I don’t want him to have a funky shaped head!!!

Oh, did I mention these are $2200 . . . our insurance doesn’t cover it . . . even though it is more than likely caused by the month long NICU stay . . . and if we decide to do it now, it probably means a longer helmet stay because he is older.


I’m back . . .

I have started a couple other blogs in the last couple years, but I wanted to get back on wordpress and really get going. LOL

We have been doing so many fun and exciting things, and I want to be able to share our experiences and life with friends and family.

Most exciting is our RACK (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness – inspired by Pinterest!!) that we will be doing in December. The kids and I are making a calender of things we will do each day. We are all very excited!!!

So stay tuned . . . really!!!!!

Wow . . . it’s been a while!!!

This is going to be a big conglomerate post containing thoughts all over the place!!!!

This summer was b-u-s-y!!!

School ended, and we were here one week before leaving town. We spent a week in Maryland. We came home for a week and went to Orlando. We stayed there about a week and came back home. A week later, we left for Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. We got back on a Wednesday, and poor Ethan started school Monday!!! We were home 2 weeks the whole summer . . . but we had a GREAT time!!!

Today was Ethan’s second day of school. We switched him to a private school this year. I know kindergarten is different than 1st grade, but every time I picked him up last year and asked him what they did, he would answer, “Recess, lunch, PE, more recess, and snack!!” The first day at this school, I asked him what he did, and he said in a huff, “Work, and a lot of it!!” LOL I told him that’s what we’re paying for . . . hehe. I think hope he will be much happier at this school. Unfortunately, it’s not a free ride like last year was. He actually has to work now . . . 🙂 He is not excited about school, however. He would rather stay home with mommy (according to him!!!).

Emily is so excited to see Ethan when we pick him up. And I’m LOVING the quiet and lack of constant battle and bickering at the house. Today, Emily said, “Bubba, I’m so proud of you for going to school!!!” LOL . . . Emily is officially potty trained. She wears a diaper to bed, but she’s in undies the rest of the day . . . even out!! Anyway, I’ve been telling her how proud I am of her using the potty and such. So she decided to be proud of Ethan!!! Of course, she told me she was proud of me for going potty like a big girl, too. 🙂

Really, I came on here to post some meteor stuff to keep track of. Seems that this isn’t a good year for the Perseid shower because the moon is bright, not to mention it’s cloudy here tonight!! But there will be a few more this year – Orionids (October 21), the Leonids (November 17), and the Geminids (December 14). Ethan was looking forward to the meteor shower tonight as was I. Hopefully one of these others will be better!!!

Oh, on a TTC note . . . still in a holding pattern. I had laproscopic surgery in June. Tubes are not blocked, and everything looks great. Looks like September will be the next month we will do more with the RE. Not sure what that entails . . . clomid and ultrasounds or whatever.

I have to go to bed. That 6am alarm clock comes mighty early!!!

Mac crashed . . . :(

The Mac is down. I tried to be a computer guru and looked at some information online. After running several tests, it says “keys out of order.” From what I’ve read, it could be due to a power surge (lightening strike), and since we are in Florida, that’s entirely possible. I ordered DiskWarrior or something. Everything I have read says that this disk will fix anything. Hopefully that will be true . . . I’m not a fan of going back to this laptop!!!

Kids are funny . . .

This weekend, we are going to Panama City. Ethan LOVES miniature golf, and we figured we could hit the beach, golf, and some fun in Panama City for the weekend to celebrate Ethan’s kindergarten graduation!

So I found a pirate cruise and told Ethan about it. I showed him the website and asked if he wanted to do it. He said no. I was confused . . . thinking how much they would both enjoy it!! So I told him that he could watch the dolphins, find treasure, and other pirate games, maybe even walk the plank!! He kept shaking his head, his eyes were big, and he was saying that he didn’t want to do it. I’m still lost . . . the pics look cool!!!

Then I said, “Ethan, you do know these aren’t REAL pirates, right? It’s not a real pirate ship. They painted it to look like one, and the people just dress up.” He looked at me and said that he didn’t know that!!! LOL Poor kid . . . he thought it was a real pirate ship, and sailing with real pirates didn’t thrill him!!! After the explanation and reading some reviews from parents, he decided it would be fun. But he did say, “Mom, I am NOT walking the plank!!!”

My Little Man

I can’t believe it . . . Ethan is in 1st grade. OK, I’m a tiny bit premature considering he still has 2 days of school left, but for all intensive purposes, he’s done with kindergarten!!!! I can’t believe my little man is getting so big. I’ll update this later, but here is the most recent pic of him . . . taken this past weekend. 🙂



Tests, tests, and more tests . . .

Today was a testing day. Kevin had tests, and I had some as well. I think I had 7 tests in total, including the 2 hour glucose tolerance test. I am not sure how I did that while I was pregnant because I had a hard time keeping that nasty orange drink down after not eating for over 12 hours!!! Hopefully all tests will come back normal . . . guess we’ll know on Monday. It’s going to be a loooong weekend . . .