When Kevin and I decided we wanted kids, we decided to have 4 kids, about 18 months apart. Boy did our plan get squashed!!!

Ethan was conceived the first month trying. We started trying for #2 when he was 9 months old, but due to our “unexplained secondary infertility” diagnosis, we had a hard time. It was 21 months of active trying with a 1 year break when Kevin went to Iraq before we got pregnant with Emily. Now, here we are, 17 months into the next “try,” and we have a new diagnosis . . . Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

It’s a double edged sword . . . I’m thankful that we finally have a reason to point to, but PCOS is not what I wanted. This increases my risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, and other scary stuff. There are also a lot of increased risks of miscarriage and such. They think I developed it after I had Ethan (or had it to a much lesser degree all my life – I’ve always had longer than average cycles and other symptoms). PCOS is also thought to cause preterm labor. So that could be the reason both my kids were early (35 and 33 weeks). It’s definitely the reason I had gestational diabetes, and the reason for the weight gain and difficulty losing weight since having Ethan. Basically, all my complaints over the past 5 years thinking something had to be wrong with my thyroid, and now we know it’s all due to PCOS. So, again . . . good to know . . . but bad to have.

This month is all about testing. My reproductive endocrinologist (RE) doesn’t want to push us forward in getting pregnant until they figure out how bad my PCOS is. So I have a few tests scheduled this month, including an HSG on Monday and the glucose tolerance test to check for diabetes later this month. This probably scares me the most.

Of course, the doctor has to remind me about my “old” eggs. So hopefully some of them can trash the walkers and work for us!!!!

So please, say a prayer for us. I’m praying that the PCOS isn’t too bad, I don’t have diabetes, and we are pregnant with twins by the end of this year. 🙂 That’s not too much to ask for . . .


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